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16 years 10 months ago - 16 years 10 months ago #8407 by ortho7027
Replied by ortho7027 on topic Bumping it again, any other
Bumping it again, any other info would be EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks One and all.

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Replied by on topic Ok, ill crack. I was
Ok, ill crack. I was hoping this thread would get more responses, because i know when i was a third year, i would have loved to hear the good/bad of programs.unfortunately, the DO world is still a bit too small to openly give an honest opinion, so i think most of us just keep our mouths shut when it comes to airing the dirty laundry on programs. however, ill tell u the programs i think are worth checking out. tops for me would be henry ford bi county in michigan, grandview and south pointe in ohio. all seem to have great residents and attendings, strong didatics and ample OR time, even for the juniors. Definately be ready to work when you get to bi county especially, but its worth it. Ive heard great things also about harrisburg, positive things about York also.I have either heard or had experiences at the following places that were not so positive: Far Rockaway, NY, Sandusky, OH (beginning a residency in '07 possibly, i think), Nova, KC. Keep in mind, these things can range from quality of facility to amount of OR time, to just personality of the residents, some of which you may not care about at all. Most of this stuff is subjective, so keep an open mind when someone tells u the negative. I know ive been a little vague, but feel free to get in touch with me if u want some more info on the programs ive mentioned. good luck with it all, and i hope some more people will join in on this thread. cmon guys, dont u remember what its like to be a 3rd year and all u could find are MD program reviews? good luck!

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Replied by on topic I have spent alot of
I have spent alot of time going over these programs and have heard alot through word of mouth, but here is what I have heard and seen:

Pinnacle in Harrisburg PA is supposedly a great program with good didactics and lots of OR time.

Des Peres in St Louis has LOTS of trauma, a fair amount of spine, and one of the better hand surgeons in the country. Intern year is pretty laid back because it is a smaller hospital, but everyone is great to work with. Spend LOTS of time studying for the OITE and do well year in and year out.

Genesys in MI is supposed to be a good program with great facilities. Other than that I haven' heard much.

South Pointe is a Cleveland Clinic affiliate and is supposed to have a great didactic program with good OR time. Staff is great. I have a friend who matched here and she loves it!

Tulsa is supposed to be a strong program, but less OR time. Don't know much else.

Kansas City has great residents, little didactics, and is going through a little transition. Went from 8 to 14 residents in the past couple of years so OR time has decreased. Some really strong surgeons who will make you a great community orthopod and give you OR skills beyond most especially in total joints.

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Replied by on topic linked and unlinked
hey guys,
this is really good stuff, but i have a few other questions... i've looked on the DO online site but i still can't find which programs are linked and which are unlinked. i know a linked spot is optimal, but in an unlinked program do you think you can tell whether or not you're in by who you're competing with or is it pretty up in the air? Also, is it pretty much understood that if you don't rotate through a program, you won't get an interview. Are there any programs that will interview you without having rotated through there? i'm also interested in spine, but i was wondering which programs give you a well rounded experience so if i were to change my mind, i would have good exposure in everything?
One last thing, my girlfriend is interested in anesthesia, but osteopathic programs are far an few between and i don't know how good they are so she's probably applying allopathically which she has a good chance matching in. any advice about couples matching or areas that i could match osteopathically and there are allopathic anesthesia programs nearby that are DO friendly? thanks for all of your input and congrats to all who matched!!!


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Replied by on topic opinions
I will give you my personal take on the following programs. (most of this info in a few years dated)

Botsford: Spent one day there checking out the program. Resident seemed happy and nice facility. Not a great location, but not horrible either. I would rank this place somewhere in the middle, but I do not
know a lot about this program.

Garden City: Absolutely the last place I would ever go for any sort of training. I rotated there and after 2 days I knew I would never apply there. Only 4 attendings; one is a good guy, 2 are ok, and one is a total triple A personality jackass. The 2nd years treated poorly, worked to the max. Residents teach residents. I saw multiple cases where the chief residents were holding retractors. One of their current residents failed step 2 boards and was still able to get a spot. Be warned. Horrible location as well. Hospital is old and run down.

Genesys: Good reputation. I have had a few friends go there for rotations and all had good things to say.

Grandview: Linked program. Good reputation.

Bi-County: I did anesthesia here so that I could check out the ortho. I loved the anesthesia guys!!!! A++++. Ortho program is solid, very good attendings, residents were happy. I would not have had any problems going here for ortho.

St. Mary's in KC: Lots of change going on. Large addition of residents. don't know anything else.

MT Clemens: Very solid program and probably one of the better DO programs. Good residents, good attendings, nice hospital, nice location. Would recommend checking this program out.

POH: Rotated there in ortho. Good program. Lots of different locations where you work. The attendings that I met were all pretty good. Dr Fugle comes across as a mean old man, but he is the best thing about their program. He thinks of the residents like they are his sons. He is an outstanding surgeon and person. The hospital is pretty nice, the location in pontiac is pretty rough. I would have had no problems attending this program. Residents teach residents in the area of didactics.

St. Vincent Mercy in Toledo: Have never visited, but I have two former classmates that are current residents at this program. (those classmates are top 10% on boards) They have only good things to say about this program in terms of didactics, OR time and etc... I truly respect the opinions of my friends, this may be one of the best DO programs. I have heard from multiple sources that the PD Dr. Jaeblon is awesome. I would check this place out. But you do need to be in top 75% on boards to get an interview.

I hope this helps.


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Replied by on topic Hey everybody, Not sure, but I
Hey everybody,

Not sure, but I think UMDNJ-SOM has a program at Kennedy, they rotate through cooper where RWJMS is. If this is the case, I am selling my house in this area, very close to both Kennedy Hospitals and about 25 mins from Cooper. PM me if interested.


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