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Research Fellow - Oregon Shoulder Institute at Southern Oregon Orthopedics

Patrick Denard

Job Title:                    Research Fellow

Duration:                   12 months

Period:                       Start date negotiable, typically Aug-Aug

Salary:                        $25,000


Looking to improve your chances of getting into medical school or orthopedic surgery residency? Want more experience in orthopedic research? The Oregon Shoulder Institute at Southern Oregon Orthopedics has an active research department and is looking for motivated students to participate in multiple ongoing projects. Over the last 3 years we have averaged 25 publications as year, meaning that there is ample opportunity to both improve your CV and get hands-on experience. Additionally, an experience can be gained in the operating room. We are interested in seeing you succeed. If you are motivated, you will get a ton out of this experience both personally and professionally!                 

2022 Value-Based Health Care Summer Research Internship



The Dell Medical School Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care Value-Based Health Care Summer Research Internship provides an accepted or currently enrolled medical student with experience working closely with leading Surgery and Perioperative Care faculty on clinical and/or health services research projects on a full-time basis over the course of an 8-12 week period. Students will have opportunities to work with faculty such as Department Chair Dr. Kevin Bozic MD, MBA, Associate Dean for Comprehensive Care Dr. David Ring MD, PhD, Director of Value-Based Health Care and Outcome Measurement Dr. Prakash Jayakumar, MD, PhD, and Medical Director of the UT Health Austin Musculoskeletal Institute Dr. Karl Koenig, MD, MS.

2022-2023 Orthopaedic Value-Based Health Care Fellowship for Medical Students



The Dell Medical School Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care Orthopaedic Value-Based Health Care Fellowship gives medical students an extraordinary opportunity to learn about and investigate topics relevant to value based health care payment and delivery models through first-hand exposure to the UT Health Austin Musculoskeletal Institute. The Institute opened in October 2017 and provides an innovative, multidisciplinary, team-based approach to delivering musculoskeletal care for a wide range of patients including vulnerable, high needs and underserved populations.

The Fellow will work with Department faculty on research projects related to the design, implementation, and dissemination of value-based care models, outcome measurement (including the effect of interventions on patient-reported outcomes), costs of care, impact of psychosocial aspects in musculoskeletal illness, advances in shared-decision making and patient-provider engagement, and the application of digital health solutions.


Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Research Fellowship 2022-2023

Bruce Levy

The Mayo Clinic Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine invites third year medical students to apply for a one-year clinical research fellowship position starting Spring of 2022. There are two funded research fellowship positions for this upcoming year.

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