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From treating patients in a primary health centre in the remote village in Pune,India where the nearest road was 12 kms away with no proper water or electricity to one of the biggest Hospital Chains in Germany. The experience has been so stimulating.  I am willing to share my experience with you...know from the eyes of a doctor, how life looks at both the extremes.

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The face of medicine is changing. However, surgical subspecialties are a little slower to catch up. Orthopaedic surgery has one of the lowest percentages of females within a medical specialty in the United States. It is both rewarding and frustrating at the same time, but I love what I do!

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All pharma companies that produce and sell drugs and medical devices recently became required by law to disclose the amount of money they pay to doctors and teaching hospitals for promotional talks, research and consulting. This infogrpahic takes a closer look at the numbers and dollars, the main players and the impact this industry has on our health and our wallets.

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Surgical stockings are useful aids to help patients feel comfortable during their recovery period following surgery. There are many different types of these solutions — with compression stockings being among the most effective.

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Should joint replacement manufactures provide a warranty for their products? It seems pretty logical since most consumer products come with some sort of warranty these days. Basic warranties are almost universally provided and the market for extended warranties is increasingly popular. Take for instance my recent upgrade to the new iPhone 5s. At the time of purchase, the AT&T store suggested their extended warranty above and beyond Apple’s provided warranty. For a small amount of money, my phone is now protected from all kinds of disasters (for a limited time, of course).

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The systems based approach to medicine is abandoned for the ideal that the body is one interconnected unit in osteopathic medicine. Medical specialist of certain anatomical regions of the body should not be the sole individuals to care for pathology in those particular organ systems. Although D.O.s do exist who are specialist in certain organ systems in the body, the cohesiveness of the body as one intricate unit remains paramount in their clinical training and daily patient treatment.

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I would encourage anyone interested in understanding the relationship between inequality and health to download this recording. Your notions about health and healthcare may be forever changed.Read more

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