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According to the best-selling health science dictionary Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, osteoporosis is a medical condition that results in the loss of bone density/integrity that increases the risk of fractures. In simpler terms, osteoporosis causes the bone to become thin and porous, thus decreasing the bone strength and can lead to the increases of the aforementioned risk of fractures. As of 2010, the overall annual cost to the Canadian healthcare system from treating osteoporosis was over $2.3 billion. The overall annual cost includes outpatient, indirect costs, prescription drugs, and acute care costs. Although the Canadian healthcare system could assist you in paying your other medical expenses, acquiring backup money to cover your other health expenditures will be necessary. Nowadays, a great source of emergency money would be insurance companies such as Aviva who offer health policies to assist people in paying their medical bills on time.

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