Some health insurance companies offer access to high quality diagnosis and private medical treatment facilities worldwide aside from the coverage of your daily healthcare bills. Take advantage of these kind of special deals offered by insurance companies to save you from exhausting all your savings in the future.

Once you have chosen your preferred insurance company, some preventive measures that don’t include having to take prescription drugs can be followed. If osteoporosis runs in your family, it is best to first visit your doctor for a bone density scan and blood tests to determine if you have deficiencies in vitamin or mineral. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed FRAX to provide a 10-year risk fracture rating and examine all risk factors in the bones. Ask your orthopaedic doctor for assistance on being examined. In addition, physicians also suggest yoga to improve your balance and coordination along with eating a balanced diet, quitting vices, and exposing yourself to sunshine for a short period of time daily. These are only a few ways on how to prevent, prepare and find out more about osteoporosis. As the popular English maxim goes “Prevention is better than cure” so start early and live a long and prosperous life.