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TOPIC: Adult Reconstruction Review 2020

Adult Reconstruction Review 2020 3 weeks 4 days ago #38272

Thoughts on programs that I've interviewed at only and or heard on the trail:

University of Buffalo: A gem in the north. Strong attendings with a long history of teaching fellows. Minimal research requirements. Supposedly acquiring new attendings that will only strengthen the program. Learn the unique muscle sparing Watson Jones which is their supine anterior based THA. They currently don't do DA. Knee experience also seems strong with I believe a large amount of robotics but I can't be sure. Revision experience seems comprehensive and complex primaries are routinely done. Ability to "float" between attendings during the week when attracted to nice cases. ACGME so no paid call. Can go and do trauma cases at the trauma hospital if so inclined.

University of Kentucky: Brand new, no fellows yet. Young enthusiastic PD from WashU. Long history of training residents. DA and no robotic TKA yet but supposedly on the horizon. Can take paid VA call, non-ACGME. The thought from the current residents is that this will be a strong program in the coming years. 1 day per week of hip preservation with scopes and PAOs by the PD but can opt to scrub other cases.

OrthoCincy: a new program without a current fellow. Private practice fellowship. Very heavy outpatient experience. PD is young and nice trained at MGH. Primarily DA experience with robotoic TKAs as another big facet of the program. They're shaping the fellowship so some questions remain. Only one other attending at the interview. Sign a non-compete. Questions about autonomy and exposure to revision remain unanswered.

FOI: 4 fellows per year. Currently a very disgruntled fellow that was at the interviews and overall wasn't pleased.Mentorship style but with 4-5 attendings. My impression is that you spend a lot of time learning different ways to do everything. See all the approaches to the hip, use many different implant companies, robotic TKA and non. The fellows felt that they would graduate and be able to do DA hips but that there would still be a significant learning curve. To me, seems more like a resident joints rotation than a fellowship. Not sure you graduate and are a master of anything. 15-20% revision rate per the fellows. Autonomy varies. Mandatory trauma call. One fellow was doing hand cases and a peds femur hip spica...do get paid some though. Overall I think the vibe is negative. Too many fellows, 2.5-3 office days per week.

Lennox Hill: 5 Fellows per year. Another mentorship model. Fellows were happy with no scut work. Autonomy varies. Do drive a lot out to Long island from NYC on some rotations but fellows thought it worth it. Revision experience seems to vary, though a referral center the revision, particularly on the hip side were lacking it seems. No trauma call. ACGME accredited. Doesn't seem like trauma cases would be available even if interested. Described by one attending as "White Collar" program. Come out comfortable with revisions. DA exposure seems questionable. Autonomy varies by attending. Fellows are well taken care of thought. Mont addition to the program is huge and addresses the lack of meaningful hip experience or complex primaries. 5 fellows is a lot however, cover a lot of attenidngs.

Updates to follow. Hopefully others can chime in.
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