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ng08 wrote:

mesocool wrote: Anyone from NYC has input on the autonomy of HSS vs NYU spine fellowship? what about adult deformity exposure at each institution?

anyone have any updates on more current information? what some of the current top 5 are?

The spine fellowship landscape has changed so much in the past 5 years with all of the faculty moves. There's probably less consensus now than ever on what the "top" fellowships are. It's totally in the eye of the beholder, IMO.

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Although it is very nice to share some of your insights for the future applicants, this is the most damaging thread for prospective spine fellows. Reading these opinions prior to interviewing creates an enormous bias, especially that you just finished interviewing and have no idea how this translates to real world value, job search, etc. The reality is that the field of spine is unique and very different from other orthopedic subspecialties. You are following the lead of naming "big" programs, and your bias might have even lead to you skip over amazing programs that go unrecognized in these discussions. Prospective applicants should be very aware of this fallacy, and not automatically gravitate to brand names that may or may not be suitable to them.
The "big names" are often less hands on, more cutthroat, and much less invested in you as a fellow. What is good for your career later on is not the same during fellowship. From personal experience interviewing just a few years ago, I found smaller fellowships to be so much more dedicated to teaching the fellows than HSS or Rush by a long margin. Everyone's career interests are different, and this simplistic thinking is damaging. At the end of the day, when you are out on your own and struggling through a case, the only thing that matters is your training.

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Well I think that is why this forum exists to share insights and tips from prior fellowship applicants.

Any recent applicants wish to share their thoughts on "top" places? I think most people looking for a balance of hands on OR experience combined with a rigorous educational component
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Any updates? app season upon us

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Purely opinion, so take with a grain of salt. No such thing as a "top program" in reality, only thing that matters is what is right for you.

Classically touted "top" programs which still lead the pack (in my n=1 opinion):

Up-and-coming programs with a lot of buzz, due in part to recent faculty acquisitions and/or excellent fellowship year structure:
Mass General/Brigham
Cleveland Clinic

Programs that lost key faculty in recent years, but still seem to be stellar:

Other very strong programs:
UV Davis
Twin Cities
Spine Institute of Az (particularly for someone interested in MIS)

A lot of great fellowships out there, including many not mentioned here. Think hard about what's important to you.

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