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Diggidy wrote: Was talking to a 4th year I know that rotated through and said that while he loved the program and residents/attendings, he felt there might be a bias against guys that are couples matching (which he is doing, and he didn't get an interview after doing his away) and that most of the residents were single that he met. While I thought this sounded extreme and maybe slightly paranoid, I know Colorado expects hard work and long hours, and was wondering if they might prefer a single resident that has less "distractions" outside of the hospital?

The thing about the CU program is that they expect their rotating students to work hard; by leaning on us a bit, they allow us to shine and really show our merit. The fact that they explicitly state that they will not be interviewing all students, allows you to know upfront whether they are seriously considering you. With that being said, there were plenty of residents who were married before starting their residency. Just from the PGY-1 class, there is a guy who is married (wife not a physician), a guy who couples-matched, and a guy who is single. The other three PGY-1s, I did not have the pleasure of interacting with, so I can't comment on their status. In addition, all the chiefs are married with kids, except one.
Honestly, I know of a few rotators who did not receive interview invites. Though we all like to rationalize why that is the case, I do not personally believe it has anything to do with marital status or couples matching. They want men and women who are willing to work hard and are good operators. They also seem to want applicants who gel with the residents and are team players. Those qualities have nothing to do with having a significant other.

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