Sunday, 06 January 2019
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In June 2018 I developed a painful, swollen knee.
In July was my initial visit to orthopedist; took X-rays.
In August was my second vist; withdrew fluid and had cortisone shot.
Knee was improved after this visit, but it would catch and there was occasional sharp pain.
In September I had an MRI

After the MRI there was a consult with orthopedist in November. He suggested arthroscopic surgery; he mentioned calcium phosphate injection, but did not go into detail.
Surgery was scheduled for Dec 6th. By the time of the surgery, my knee felt good enough that I was considering cancelling the surgery, but I didn't.

The surgery was on a Thursday, and by the following Monday I was back at work. Pain was managable, with occasional percocet. I begain light stationary bike workouts. I did notice considerable tenderness on the uppper half of the tibia. I did notice that the knee was more stable after the surgery; no catching. After about 10 days, the pain begain to intensify. I required regular percocet to get through the day.

Two weeks after the surgery I went to a schedule visit for removal of stiches. The doctor was not there, just the PA. He seemed to think my pain level was normal; he suggested PT and gave me another script for percocet. After this visit, the knee continued to improve with regard to swelling and there was no sign of infection, but the pain level worsened. I started using a cane to get around.

Last Friday the 4th I went to see my primary care doc to get more percocet and to get a referral to a different orthopedist. I have an appointment tomorrow. At this point I require percocet 2 or 3 times daily (5mg). The pain level is stable but unacceptable and I am barely able to do normal things like take out the trash.

I am 71 years old and in otherwise very good health.

My feeling is that the pain I'm experiencing is due to the subchondroplasty procedure. Can anyone tell me if this is normal; what should I expect and what are my options?
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