Friday, 11 May 2007
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I am wondering whether anyone else may have had a similar problem to mine and what they have done about it. I have had posterior knee pain for the last two years. I've had x-rays, MRI, EMG, intravenous cortozone, cortozone injected directly into the knee, a pain specialist has worked with me for 6 months, I tried physical therapy for two months, an orthopedic surgeon has seen me a couple of time for consultation...and yet noone has a clue what is going on with my knee. The MRI doesn't show anything besides a little bit of fluid in the soft tissue.
I am 36 years old, quite active, weigh 160 lbs. Two years ago I was sitting down in a squatted position while playing with our newborn for an extended period of time(30 minutes or so). The following day or so I noticed irritation in the back of my left knee. I am used to having a little pain here and there from all the activities I do so I didn't pay much attention. I attempted to rest it for a while but the pain kept coming back in cycles. It got better, almost gone and then it flamed up for a few days. This has been a vicious cycle for the last two years. I attempted to take 4 months off from knee related activities last year but as soon as I started exercising again, the pain came right back. I cannot lay a finger on the exact location. I tried pressing and searching in the back of my left knee without success. The closest I can describe it is: the pain is located about .5 inches or so to the right of the fibula, in the back of the left knee. It doesn't typically hurt when I am sitting down. However, when I bend my left leg back I definitely feel something in the back of the knee. There is no external swelling. It just feels like there is a little bit of swelling in the region described. When the knee is inflamed it hurts to walk. Hyper stretching the knee where I take a towel, grab an end with each hand and catch my left foot with it. Then while the leg is straight and I am seated on the floor I pull the leg back. After 20 minutes or so of severe stretching I get a little bit of relief but the pain comes back relatively shortly. It feels like the relief came because I squeezed some of the fluid out of the soft tissue more than anything else.
Interestingly, I assisted someone by pushing a car for a couple hundred feet two months ago. I pushed really hard that day. The following week felt like I never had knee pain. Then it came back again.
On another occasion I sat on a table with my legs dangling over the edge. The edge of the table pressed into my ham strings. When I got up in 10 minutes my knee was killing me.
I've tried all kinds of medical professionals and tests without success. The orthopedic surgeon told me that surgery is not recommended because he doesn't know what he would look for inside the knee since the MRI doesn't show anything. Any suggestions on what else to do?
14 years ago
Sir: I am posting here due to the same disorder you define. I have a partial knee replacement and have had constant pain and aching ever since. No doctors have been able to find the cause and their only help is to subscribe vicodin. This is not for me so I suffer every day. I wish you success in finding a cause and a correction for you miseries.
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