Tuesday, 09 June 2009
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I just had my heel fused May 4,09 on June 12,09 I am getting a TAR (total ankle replacement). The operation of the ankle comes in two parts..he fused my heel because I had ostero in it. Next is my TAR I am scared after reading forum and forum..etc.. I am still in the cast from my fusion of heel . When he checked the heel to put another cast on it two weeks ago..my leg was so small..was a shock because my legs were all muscle a year ago..I know it will go back to where it was..I am just hoping more on this forum to find someone who just had or had a TAR. They say that weight gain is not good when you have this TAR done..but being no mobile in this case over the last month I've gained about 10 pds. .I am only 5'2 and weight 146..this scares me also..So in ending I was hoping to find real answers..not only from my Dr. but from others who had this operation.
Thank you in advance
12 years ago
Well, I had my TAR wore a cast for almost one month..took the cast off..my ankle was stiff...still is but with PT and working it at home...I can walk on it..but not far..Nothing compares to the pain I had before this was done...even if there is some pain now..I can live with it.
Its stiff cause my ankle was in a cast since May 4th till July 12..I have seen one person while out to dinner that got the same operation done in Feb. and was walking without a cane in April...this also give me hope. He is walking great and has NO pain.
I have tried the arizona boot which I paid 2500. for celebrex...waxing...Having the option of ths kind of operation has changed my life...I will soon be able to play ball with my son...takes walks with my husband..go to a park!!! I can run in the near future like I was use to running track..but ..I am looking forward to a lot after the stiffness leaves me!
I wasnt too keen on the drugs I had to take..esp the oxycodone made me sleep...I was on pain killers for one week..then that was it!!! The fusing of my heel hurt more than the TAR.
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