Tuesday, 09 June 2009
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Christian, I dont know if you still have your problems or they worstened.. and I am not a doctor..all I know is from experiences I had..I broke my ankle in 1972 It didnt brother me for years I wore heels, danced lifted weights..then one day it swelled this happen 20 years after the accident ..It hurt on and off for 5 years..then one day ..I hurt with every move I made..was terrible..I cried just at the fact that each year it is worse...now in 2009 a lot of years later I looked into fusion...didnt like what I read on it..or seen from others who have had it...I went to the doctors he told me you have two choices..ankle fusion..or replacement..I choose the TAR (total ankle replacement) .But I also had ostero in my heel..so he fused my heel in May (still in cast) and on June 12 in three more days I get my TAR..I am scared about it..but there is no longer a choice ..I can hardly walk. The fusion dont hurt at all went well..hoping the TAR will go as well!
Like I said I dont know if you check the forum still...but to answer your question from experience...YES it does get worse and NO you cant live with this pain for the rest of your life..you will come to a point where you will have to make the decisions I've made. Good Luck
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