Thursday, 01 November 2007
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I fractured my left ankle four weeks ago whilst mountainbiking, ( I was clipped into the pedals and the left clip didnt relsease when I came off, my foot twisted anti clockwise and ended up pointing to about 7oclock) I Fractured my (Distal fibula) my (medial malleolus) and dislocated my (Talus) I have a plate obviously with with screws on my ( fibula) and two screws in my ( medial malleolus) I was put in a split cast and sent home in major pain. two weeks later returned to have my stitches removed (No xray) and the same split cast was put back on. I'm now at four weeks and still have a lot of pain ! I'm due to return to the hospital in two weeks time.
Q.I have had many broken bones but I've never experienced this level of pain for this length of time, is it normal ?
Q.I can only lower my leg for a few mins beffore it becomes to painfull, is that normal ?

Many thanks, John
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