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Back Pain (lower, middle or upper pain in the back) is one of the most common reasons people seek medical treatment. Studies tell us that nearly 85 percent of Americans will have some form of back pain sometime in their lives. Why? Because we humans walk on two legs rather than four! This upward position of our entire body against gravity causes an immense pressure buildup in our low back and sacroiliac joints. Consequently, the lumbo-sacral region is very prone to injury and degeneration. When you experience back pain and visit a chiropractor, they will check your spine, feeling for vertebrae that are not in the proper position. If there is a misalignment, alignment will be restored using various methods. Depending on your situation and the chiropractor, the practitioner may use their hands only, or a combination of machines, tools, and hands to relieve the pain in your back.

Watch this video to see an example of how Dr. Sam Nijmeh evaluates and diagnoses the cause of a patient's back pain...then how he performs chiropractic adjustments to relieve the pain.
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