We want to offer to the participants an innovative and different meeting, associating scientific and cultural activity and joining doctors, veterinarians, nurses and therapists.

This goes to be a series of courses about Osteo-Articular Reconstruction, forming a cycle that will have the duration 5 years and annual regularity and that will give right to a diploma of Osteo-Articular Reconstruction.

Supporting the philosophy of the world-wide movement against commerce of the scientific information, "Open Access Movement", the scientific activity will have a "online" component that will be the base of all the scientific activity of the Course .

The participation in this virtual component of the course will be gratuitous and universal and will have place in the Course web page - www.recoa.org. The component "Onsite" of the Course, will take place in the hotel of the Templários in Tomar, in the centre of Portugal.

templários01 The scientific sessions will have place during the morning, with the presentation of the course conferences, and during the afternoon, workshops and thematic theoretical sessions on reconstruction procedures will take place. But the scientific activity does not go to be the only one in this meeting. We have prepared a cultural program to present part of Portugal to the participants who come from faraway: Leaving Lisbon in day 27, we will go to cover in comfortable autopullman, some of the most interesting places on the centre of Portugal on the way to Tomar, and in the return, day 30, we will travel all along the coast of Portugal.

Therefore we anticipate a meeting with a interesting scientific program, interchanges of experience, conviviality and establishment of solid friendships. Do not miss a visit to the web page of the Course - www.recoa.org  and do your registry on it "Onsite" or "Online", come with us! Nuno Craveiro Lopes Coordinator of RECOA Courses