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This app has taken images from the Visible Human Project ™ to recreate axial, coronal, and sagittal slice images of a cadaveric hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist.  The app was created by a board certified radiologist, and the functionality is strictly limited to anatomy identification (no added information about anatomical origins, insertion, or inervation).  Navigation is intuitive from the main menu, with joints separated by the types of slices.  Each section includes about 9-12 slices for each joint.  After selecting a slice, options include mirror image (left/right), adding/removing labels, labeling muscles, bones, vessels, or “other,” and advancing a slide. The images are very clear, and all relevant anatomy is labeled. In addition to reviewing by joint, a search function allows for the user to enter any structure and will return every slice that includes the named structure. Lastly, a quiz function also exists that is organized by joint/slice. The quiz shows an image with labelled anatomy and asks you to identify a particular structure (multiple choice). If incorrect, the user is shown the correct answer, as well as the name of the structure that was incorrectly selected. Overall, this app seems most appropriate for students learning anatomy, and especially with regard to radiology-oriented slices for 3D imaging (coronal, axial, and sagittal).  Thus, the app would be greatly beneficial for improving CT and MRI identification, but how this may transfer to surgical anatomy is not as clear.

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