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This app is part of a group of spine-related education tools designed to help clinicians presents information about the spine to patients.  The app is organized in a list format divided into the anatomy, movements, muscles, and pathology of the cervical (4 sections) and lumbar (4 sections) spine.  Within each sub-section users will then find an expended collection of body parts or pathologies (i.e. fact joints, discs, congenital stenosis, disc protrusion, etc.).  Then, once selecting the desired topic, app users can read a brief description of the problem or part, watch a relevant educational video, view demonstrative key images, review relevant medical imaging, and read notes on the subject.  An impressive feature is that the notes are compatible with AirPrint if available on your iPhone, which allows for direct printing to a compatible wireless printer.

Overall, the information provided is basic and appropriate for educating patients about their diseases.  The images are very clear and well-designed computer graphics and maintain a consistent style throughout the app.  The images also include appropriate labels and markers for demonstration purposes and are accompanied by additional information about the patient and pathology.  This app can be useful to providers who choose to educate their patients about cervical and lumbar disease using their iPhone or iPad.  The videos appear to be native to the device, explaining the app’s 1.3 GB download size.


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iPad $59.99 Download


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