Nice, Free Ortho App

6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #31819 by Bentleyortho
I know it works for android users and I got it from the Playstore.
AO Surgery Reference

It starts out with a picture of a skeleton. Here you select the anatomic site say "femoral shaft." It then goes to diagnosis including AO number/letter system. SO for a Complex segmental femoral shaft fx 32-C2 with pictures and then into possible decisions for fixation including advantages and disadvantages for each. Then into patient positioning options, the approach, reduction and fixation and then aftercare. With pearls and tips/tricks to help with each section and avoid potential pitfalls. Seems like a good one for anyone from med students on rotation all the way to the experienced surgeon who may want a way to quickly access info prior to stepping in the OR.

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