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TOPIC: Chances/Advice

Chances/Advice 2 years 6 days ago #35620

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A little advise please guys
School: pretty average academically - not top 50
Step 1: 249
Preclinical grades: 4.0
Clerkships: Honors in Family and that's it so far. I'm on medicine now.
AOA: Hopefully this spring
Research: co-author of 2 ortho projects with data collection complete; they should be published by the time I actually apply
Extra-curriculars: Div I college athlete, officer in student ortho and surgery interest groups, a couple community volunteer experiences

So, first off, I'm wondering what you guys think my chances are looking like as of right now. 249 is annoyingly close to the 250+ that seems to be the magic number, but that shouldn't make a difference in terms of being screened out right??

Also, an adviser at my school told me not to take step 2 until after applying, but I'm not sure if that would be to my advantage or not. She seemed to be very impressed with my step 1 score and thought that step 2 would only potentially hurt me, but 249 seems to be pretty pedestrian in terms of ortho scores these days so I'm wondering what my best option would be... Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Chances/Advice 2 years 5 days ago #35621

your application looks fine. it is probably "average" in terms of ortho applicants who get accepted these days.

clerkship grades will be important, especially medicine and surgery.

make sure to follow up on those research projects to at least get them into submission by the time you apply. would also recommend submitting to a research conference, this way you can count the same project for both a paper and an abstract.

i would also recommend taking step 2ck early. as long as you study for a few weeks for it, then you should be able to at least do as well if not better than step 1. the curve is easier since many people don't study as hard for it as step 1. especially if you are in the middle of the pack, another good test score can only help your chances. with so many solid applicants, reviewers like to have some numbers to quantify and compare applicants. no need to take cs early since it is a pass/fail test.

these are my opinions based on my experiences but it's always good to seek out advice from recent ortho applications from your specific institution
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