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TOPIC: Is Ortho Specific Research Necessary

Is Ortho Specific Research Necessary 2 years 1 month ago #35583

I'm arriving late with regard setting myself up to try and match in ortho. I'm at a "top tier" medical school, with solid grades and board scores but all of my research has been with radiologists (I always knew I liked anatomy, but had surgery late and realized that I want to be in the OR, preferably doing ortho). My rads research has treated me well with a few first author publications and other successes. I'm set up to be highly competitive at any radiology residency (assuming my personality doesn't suck at interviews). My question is, what kind of an ortho residency could I be qualified for if I switch late? Most of my classmates going into ortho have published with our ortho department and shadowed extensively. All I will have is the relationships I create during my sub-i's. I don't care to go to the "top rated" program. I just want to go somewhere that can take my work ethic and train me to become a competent surgeon for future patients. Can I get into a good training program with my current application, or would I need to take a year to do ortho research?

I did a cursory scan to see if a similar question has already been asked and came up empty. So if this has already been addressed elsewhere that someone has seen, I would be fine simply being directed to that thread so nobody has to waste time rehashing it. Thanks so much for your input if you're willing to share. I appreciate it.
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Is Ortho Specific Research Necessary 2 years 4 weeks ago #35595

any research helps. ortho research is better. if you have some first author pubs, will still look good on your cv. assuming the rest of your application is good, a research year won't increase your chances by much.
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