Research year or no? 2 preclinical remediations.

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Couldn't find any related example when searching, so I'm hoping someone can help me out here. M3 with 1.5 year preclinical so I already have both steps done. Only issue is I have 2 preclinical remediations. Otherwise I felt my app was pretty strong and should get good letters from my home program too. My question: should I delay by taking a research year and really crank out more pubs or network or should I be ok applying in the coming September? Just looking to get an academic residency somewhere, don't really care about the tier.

STEP 1: 250-255
STEP 2: 265-270
Preclinicals: P/F, but had to remediate 2 courses which will show up as RP.
Clinicals: Honors in IM, Neuro, OBGYN, and Surgery, High Pass in FM, Peds, and Psych.
AOA: unlikely
Research: 8 pubs in Vascular surg, 2 in Ortho (decided late in 2nd year to do Ortho, but hoping to have more by Sep if I apply in the coming cycle).

Thanks in advance everyone.
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Personally I don't think you'd gain much by taking a year off. It may be worth it if you want to really increase your chances at a Top 5 academic program, but you might get that anyway based on your stats as long as you work really hard on your aways and do well on interviews. I don't think preclinical remediations matter that much as long as you're ready to explain how you learned from it during your interviews and how it made you a more successful and better person. As long as you do that, I think you're a shoe in for a top 20 place. Pubmed articles on factors that ortho PDs think are important and preclinnical grades are like #10 or #12. Not even in top 5 most important things.
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