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7 years 2 months ago #33418 by someguy
Im a 3rd year DO student with a 617 on the COMLEX and 248 on my USMLE Step 1 looking to match ortho. My big concern is my application is pretty raw aside from my scores. My school doesnt have a home ortho department, so I'm not sure who to connect with. I'm sort of a late switch onto the Ortho track. I really want to get some type of research on my CV before I apply next fall. How would you guys recommend I go about finding ways to buff up my application? Are my scores enough for a rotation at places like Doctors and Modesto or do I need to look elsewhere?
Lastly, Im considering doing one away rotation at an MD program mostly for experience but definitely a little to see if I can break a glass ceiling. I understand my odds are slim but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Thanks for the help

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7 years 6 days ago - 7 years 6 days ago #33977 by OrthoChiDO
Your scores are fine and should get you interviews at any of the programs. Some are boards heavy, so give yourself options.

Who knows what will happen with the merger as some DO programs are merging with MD programs (South Pointe into CC and Des Peres into SLU); while others are becoming ACGME.

Biggest thing at most programs is how you fit in with the residents, how hard you work, and if you're easy to get along with. (will this all change with the merger..maybe..)
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