510, top 45% class

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510, top 45% class was created by merrick5
My scores are below average, but I am committed to orthopedic surgery regardless. Even if I have to scramble for a prelim gen-surg spot and reapply, so be it. I'm knocking off programs that are rumored to have high board preferences (Doctors, Modesto, Harrisburg, Corvallis, St. John, St. Mary, etc..). I've been scouring for info regarding programs that don't stress board scores and have only heard of the 3 in MI listed in another post. Anyone have any info on programs that are going to be worth one of my coveted audition rotations? I have been calling and emailing the NBOME listed contacts but have not had many responses. With only a few weeks available, planning this out seems key. Gotta play the game, and I'm not here to waste any programs time, or my own.

Appreciate any help out there.

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Your list is pretty good in regards to what programs expect high board scores, so as long as you avoid those you should be fine for auditions. My program doesnt stress board scores, however, they're getting higher and higher each year. We interviewed people with 500 board scores each year, however, that number is decreasing each year as scores continue to trend up.

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