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Hello. I am a 3rd year DO medical student looking to apply for residency back in Michigan (my home state). I am currently working to set up my audition rotations and I'm also trying to coordinate a couple factors here. I would like to shoot for orthopedics because it's my top choice (especially with a sports med fellowship), but I also don't want to shoot for ortho, fail, then have no back-up plan. Has this been a concern for anyone else?

I have 5 audition slots from August to Mid December. At this time, I was going to do 3 ortho and 2 gen surg (as my back-up plans). Any input on that plan? Should I just do 4 ortho and 1 gen surg and hope to land some gen surg interviews without auditions? Any input would be appreciated.

Just for reference I got a 647 on COMLEX Step1. I do not have any orthopedic specific research (only peds cardio in undergrad). I also have hardly any experience in an Ortho OR, but I am talking with my core site physicians on trying to come in and shadow them. Are my chances good for this current plan?

Any input on good Michigan programs? At this point, I have Garden City, Henry Ford Macomb, and McLaren Greater Lansing!

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Be honest with me! Thanks
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I am a fellow third year going for ortho, I can't give you a whole lot of feedback on the different programs, but I would contact the programs and see when they interview. As far as I understand, a lot of Michigan programs interview early (Octoberish), in which case I'm not sure how much a November or December audition will help you.

The thought of not having a back up plan scares the crap out of me, but I really don't want to waste time doing auditions in other specialties when I know I really want to do ortho.

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All three programs you're planning to rotate at don't care about board scores. I would rotate at programs that like board scores. If you want to be in MI, look into St. John's, Genesys, Mt Clemens, and Botsford, with St. John being the most boards heavy followed by rest. You have good scores, use them to your advantage. There's a very good chance that the programs you're currently slated to rotate at will take students with lower boards than yours if they like them better.

Also I would ditch the idea of rotating in any other specialty of you're serious about matching Ortho. 3 rotstions likely won't cut it. I would do as many as I possibly can.
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The more I talk to folks the more I am seeing that I should do only ortho auditions. I do have my heart set on it, but I'm the type that always likes to be prepared. So my question becomes...Can I do maybe three 1 month rotations and four 2 week rotations in ortho and have a shot. I might be able to squeeze in two 2 week gen surg rotations after most of the ortho interview dates. Is it quite possible to land some interviews in gen surg as back-up without auditions?

Also thanks for the advice on board score heavy programs. Any preference or advice on those 4 programs?
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I would consider looking at programs who have applied for ACGME accreditation. This will be very important in the near future not only for programs staying open, but additionally important for obtaining fellowships. I know that Genesys is already very far in the process for obtaining approval. They continue to make faculty additions and subtractions to make the best learning environment for there residents. With its long history and large network of graduates it continues to place them in great fellowships and jobs.

Hope this helps
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