DO ortho, should I go for it?

7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #31801 by krispyyo
Hey everyone.

3rd year DO student here. Seriously starting to consider ortho. Top 10% of class. Mid 230s Step 1, Mid 640s Level 1. No research and probably won't be able to do any. Not much EC's.

So, do I have a chance at ortho? It sounds like auditions are key, so I'll definitely do some auditions. I'm not a douche and I work hard. Although, would I be able to get in somewhere without auditions?

What programs are more "family friendly?" I want my kids to know me and I don't want a divorce. Along those lines, what's the average total hours/week worked by residents?

Location-wise, I'd probably be interested in Corvalis, California, Missouri, and maybe Michigan, however I'm open to just about anywhere if needed. Let me know which of these programs might suit me and where I should focus my auditions.


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7 years 3 weeks ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #25557 by readdoc
Your scores are competitive from what I've heard. The thing I wonder is that you say you want a family-friendly residency/training. You're gonna work long hours in any ortho residency. Maybe think about family med with a sport medicine focus?

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