Programs big on Step scores?

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8 years 2 weeks ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #31521 by dreamy
Programs big on Step scores? was created by dreamy
Hey, I read that some programs such as Toledo place a lot of emphasis on step scores. So that's about the only thing I am good at. So how realistic is it to match there if I rotate there and my scores are off the charts? Any other programs that might be even more obsessed with scores than Toledo? Also how important is step2? Also would it be a good idea to show my usmle step1 if it's also extremely high? And are you supposed to take step2PE before they select the rank match list? Or is it a good idea to postpone your step2 PE in case you fail so that you can retake it without getting dropped from their rank?

Also, as a 3rd year student I cannot decide if ortho is for me. I don't know if I have what it takes to match and/or finish ortho residency. But there are certainly some things that I like. At what point should you be decided on ortho and at what point do people start requesting 4th year externships? Thank you.

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