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The members of the Consortium of ACademic Traumatologists (COACT) would like to extend an open invitation to be a participant in the COACT resident interest group. There are no fees, dues, or requirements to join the group, just your enthusiasm and interest. We are recruiting people who are interested in the practice of orthopedics through humanitarian trips, partnership building and educational exchanges with a particular focus in low resource regions. If you have experience, great- if not, no worries too! We are looking for people who want to be involved regardless of level of experience and residency year.

COACT is a newly formed group that promotes global health efforts in musculoskeletal trauma care through the sharing of best practices, research opportunities, mentorship and resources. COACT has over 30 member institutions, representing leading Orthopaedic Departments at major Universities throughout North America. COACT fosters the development of collaborative networks through regular communication, face-to-face meetings and an online interactive database.

Contact if you are interested in joining and getting involved in the group.

Please see the COACT website for more information as well:

We look forward to hearing from you.
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