switch from rads to ortho as soon as I can

6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #32928 by polo
hey everybody,
As a medstudent I had a tough time picking btw IR and ortho. I thought that they were very close in terms of skills needed to perform procedures (very good understanding of mechanisms of force applied, 3-D imagination of axis applied to different structures, good ability to reconstruct structures in your head). I eventually picked IR because I thought that there was more room for innovation. I did my internship in a solid surgery program to develop my skills early. During internship, I felt that I made a mistake. IR was not what I thought. Most of the time you keep pushing the wire until it goes in where you want. Also, 90% of the IR list were lines. I started radiology residency 2 months ago and my suspicions were confirmed. I want to switch to ortho. I got a couple of questions.

1. What do u think my chances are (IMG, honors in school, really good letters from big names - none for US ortho, USMLEs 265+, 265+ and 250 + in step 3, 5 publications, 2 posters, 1 conference talk but none in ortho)? Would doing a surgery internship and a year in rads give me an edge?
2. I heard that GME funding lasts for 5 years per resident and then it is cut by 1/2. Will that destroy my chances?
3. What do you think my approach should be while applying?
4. Should I quit my residency, risk it all and try to find a research position in ortho?

Thank you so much Boys and Girls, greatly appreciate ur guidance, you are potentially helping me save years of my life.
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6 years 5 months ago #32929 by THRA
are you a caribbean graduate or an actual IMG. have you done any training back home?
what kind of research do you have currently?
is there an ortho program where you are training now?

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6 years 5 months ago #32944 by polo
sorry for delay

IMG, no training back home

most of my previous research was IM and rads, none ortho

yes there is an ortho program

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6 years 4 months ago #32949 by john389
By far your best option is to try and switch into Ortho at your current institution.

Being an IMG will make it very tough to match into a US Ortho residency. Nothing is impossible, but you would need stellar letters from multiple US orthopedic surgeons (you'd need to Sub-I somehow).

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