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15 years 6 months ago - 15 years 6 months ago #27488 by ortho060802
Work hours, call, and vacation Question was created by ortho060802
I am a 4th year applying to Ortho. My wife is currently a FP intern. I was curious if programs are willing to work with residents to have call schedules match up with spouses, if possible (I know this would not be on every rotation). Also are they willing to work with the resident to schedule rotations that allow time off at a time when your spouse has a rotation that allows time off?

Finally, Should I bring up that my wife will need to transfer programs in interviews? Does this hurt my chances?

Thanks in advance for and help or opinions

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15 years 5 months ago - 15 years 5 months ago #9813 by
Replied by on topic Really depends on your program
Ortho can be a pretty rigid training regimen, but you will get your due time off. Most ortho residents are real people that understand that you are too. I don't think these issues are really the type that you want to bring up in your interview, but you can ask the residents at the program. Don't make that your key identifying mark, however, as it may make them question what kind of a team player you are. Ortho is hard - not just because it's learning a new vocabulary completely separate from what you learn in medical school. There is often more work to do than there are people to do it, and you will all have to pull your own weight just for the ship to stay afloat. So make sure that you are ready to play with the team before you embark on this journey. And, this is entirely dependent on the feel of the team at your specific program.

Don't know if that helps.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask more questions!

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