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15 years 9 months ago - 15 years 9 months ago #27383 by olive
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I am a PGY4 spouse. We have incurred tons of debt (student loans, credit cards, equity lines, etc) and yet somehow still need more money to finish out residency (and possibly fellowship). Does anyone know of any lenders that specialize in physicians loans - I know that Suntrust and some of the big name banks have physicians loans, but the ones I have checked with really don't factor in potential income and they do count student loan debt (even if in deferment) in your debt/income ratio.

I did find SNB (Stillwater) online - they offer $10,000 per year of residency, but their rates are a little high (prime +3). Has anyone heard of this lender? Is there anything better out there?

Thanks for any info.

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15 years 9 months ago - 15 years 9 months ago #8903 by
Replied by on topic It's going to probably be
It's going to probably be painful whatever you do. You'll basically need a personal loan if you tapped out your house equity and the interest rates are obviously elevated. You may want to chat with a "local" bank, maybe your hometown where they know your parents etc... to try to score a reasonable rate. If you go with the big banks, they just crunch the numbers.

It may be painful for a couple of years, but the end is in sight. The key is to live very simply in the first couple of years of practice and immediately pay off any high interest loans and credit cards. We wiped out all of our credit card, personally loans, and student loans within the first couple years of practice. It's a good feeling to get out of those high interest loans.

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