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TOPIC: Second Visits

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my take on the issue. the program already put aside a whole day of cases, clinic, and what not to put on the show. now you want to tie someone up just to look interested? if i were that person, i would probably be really annoyed unless the applicant had some very valid issues that didn't arise during the interview. i don't believe that there is anything that can't be answered over the phone/e-mail.

that being said, there were some programs (ie. mayo) that specifically told me my position would go higher on the rank list if i came up and spent a day with them in the clinic or the OR. so, if i had really wanted to go to mayo, i would have taken them up on the offer.

bottom line is that you are walking on very thin ice with these "second looks". my feeling is that you will more than likely do yourself more harm than good. if you really have thoughtful questions, take some time and compose an e-mail to them.

hope that helps.
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My guess is that this 17 years 4 months ago #2216

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My guess is that this has got to vary with each program. I know some places 'score' you immediatly following interviews. Others wait until later. I've spoken to a faculty friend of mine in another, equally competitive, specialty and he commented that most questions can be answered with a phone call and that he didn't see the need to do a bunch of second looks -- especially if impressing the program is your goal -- calls can get your point across. How to approach these calls...?? Who knows -- presumably, you'd contact the program director and direct your questions/expression of interest to him. I know that all this gamesmanship isn't necessary to match at great places. I've spoken to many matched people who just did honest thank you notes -- no follow up calls, no return visits, no waiting by the phone for a call from the program director. They worked the match like it's supposed to work -- they let their application and interviews be their message to programs.

Deep breaths folks -- things are going to work out. The die's been cast so to speak by now. Spend your second look money on beer for your early match friends!
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I agree that second looks 17 years 4 months ago #2217

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I agree that second looks are not really necessary UNLESS the program (residents, chairman, attending, etc) specifically tells you that they want you to come back or that coming back for a second look would be looked upon very highly. If offered the opportunity in that setting, you pretty much have to go or risk looking uninterested.
If you do not feel pressured by the program to go back, I wouldn't. However, for your top choices I would attempt to stay in contact with someone (resident or attending) via e-mail to continue to express your interest without having to waste everyone's time/money with another visit.

just my 2 cents.... :smokin:
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