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TOPIC: Tales from the road

17 years 4 months ago #31853

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Hey everyone!

Congrats to the people who are done interviewing, and good luck (& congrats!) to those who are still going!

I know it may be a bit early for the M3 ortho hopefuls to be checking for interview travel advice, but I thought I'd start a post anyway, while it's still fresh in our minds.

What sort of travel tips can you give to the next set of applicants? What do you wish you had known (and what great stories go along with them)?

For me -- DON'T schedule a flight which "cuts it close" to the end of the interview -- even if it saves you a few hundred bucks. I ended up rushing thru my interviews, dropping my rental car off with the tank unfilled (add another $60 to my trip), and missing my flight. Now, since I had scheduled my 5:10 pm flight because the ticket was so cheap, my ticket was considered a "special" ticket which could not be transferred to a different flight or a different airline. (oh, yeah, did I also mention that the rest of my trip, including my return home after the next interview, was also considered null and void?) i had even called the airlines the prior evening to suggest the possibility of being late and could I fly standby -- answer: No. I ended up buying a $459 one-way ticket to my next interview, then driving a total of 9 hrs home.

Other lessons learned from this trip:

1) Always assume that the rental car agency is off-site from the airport and add an additional 1/2 hr to your travel time of getting to and from the airport (if renting a car).

2) If you think you'll be running late and/or you'll be using lots of gas, you might want to consider pre-purchasing a full tank of gas (also check with the cashier about current gas prices). This would have saved me a ton of money and a ton of hassel on my trip!

(BTW, for those planning to fill up on the way back to the airport -- Philadelphia Int'l airport doesn't have any gas stations on the way to its rental car return. Pittsburgh, however, I believe, does.)
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Good idea. 1) Priceline has 17 years 4 months ago #2176

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Good idea.

1) Priceline has generally great room rates on pretty decent hotels, better than those suggested by the program in most cases.

2) For multiple-legged trips, I found that orbitz had the best rates.

3) Agree about cutting flights close. Also, when you are thinking of flying somewhere the morning of the interview, consider what the weather is often like in January at some of these places. Along those lines, I think it is best not to schedule the last date a program has if you can help it. That way if the weather does turn out to suck, you can usually reschedule for the later date.
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1) drive when you can... 17 years 4 months ago #2182

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1) drive when you can... might take more time, but you will get there (well, if you are experienced at driving in the snow).

2) The bus can save money and is not that bad... the other people on the bus with you is always entertaining!

3) stay away from the in room movies rated for "mature audiences" they can get expensive!
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1) TAKE JANUARY OFF! It 17 years 4 months ago #2188

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1) TAKE JANUARY OFF! It gives you much needed flexibility for traveling, so you can get the cheapest fares. Most interviews for ortho are in Jan.

2) Priceline, Priceline, Priceline! for hotels and rental cars.

3) Drive and trains whenever possible. Trains are obviously much cheaper and less likely to experience weather delays.
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