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TOPIC: Geisinger interview?

17 years 4 months ago #31506

  • bonebreaker22
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I'm interviewing at Geisinger next week, 1/15, and I was wondering if anyone that interviewed there yesterday had any comments regarding the interview day or the program itself.

Thanks in advance
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for what it's worth... 1) geisinger 17 years 4 months ago #2085

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for what it's worth...
1) geisinger really is in the in the middle of no where. if you like wearing armani and drive and m3 while you sip chai latte's, you make not like it there. around 2 hours to NY and phili.
2) for being in the middle of nowhere (actually beatiful country) the hospital is huge. including a freestanding childrens. they are a rural referral center serving a large area so they are actually busy to include trauma(blunt) . 11 attendings.and lots of other residencies.
3) the residents seemed happy. they all showed for the meet and greet except for one out of town. we even went to a residents house to drink. that was a first. very down to earth guys.
most are married with 2.2 kids , a dog and own a house.
4) the interview was very laid back . just a little pimping and the usual good fit talk (like no one cares about step 1 or grade) "hi there mr. 271, i mean kirkpatrick"
well i'm going to stop selling the program. cause i want the spot. i hope you all decide that the city is best for you.seriously though, good luck to all of you . it really sucks that we all cant be sure of getting a spot. think positive
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Hey g-love - Do you 16 years 7 months ago #3537

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Hey g-love - Do you happen to have any idea what the other applicants for Geisenger brought to the table? Or maybe an idea of what the typical (if there is one) applicant to that program came to the interview with in terms of stats? Any help would be much appreciated.
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