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TOPIC: Louisville Interview Experience

17 years 4 months ago #31499

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I know this wont help anyone this year because they interviewed all on one day, but maybe it will help out next years group.

Went to the interview, sounded like a great program: operate a ton, residents are a good group of guys, very stable staff, an up an coming program, pumping out some research.

What made a bunch of the interviewee's mad was this: supposed to have 4 slots, the morning of the interview the chairman said this year only 3 slots were available because a research guy was filling one of them. Then he proceeded to say, "I know it looks like we take a lot of Louisville students (the program was SATURATED with them- one year all 4 from louisville, several other years 3 of the residents), but this year no more than 2 slots will be filled by louisville students." So that leaves ONE SLOT.
There were around 40 candidates there....the interview process was this:
5 ten minute (YES 10 minute) interviews where they filled out a silly little sheet with categories like ethics, intellectual ability, research, LOR's, etc.....and at the bottom of the sheet was a Rank, Don't Rank, or Uncertain check box.

At the end of the day, after each interview room interviewed the 40+ students for 10 minutes each, they were going to figure out and submit their rank list......

The 10 minute interviews all went like this: your not from around these parts, why do you want to go to louisville (in other words, we are going to fill the slots will locals!)....an expected question if you are from out of town, but the feeling like you were a total outsider pervaded the place.......

After a brief conversation, the interviews were finished.....

A lot of the questions were also like this: are you AOA, what is your class rank, Where did you go to college, etc....all info that they ALREADY had and didn't see to read before interviewing you. In fact, your application folder you carried into the interview room and handed to the interviewers, then they opened it, perused it for about 1-2 minutes, and that was it! Very obvious that it was the first time they had even cracked the folder....so lots of time was wasted by asking questions that were already in the application.

The interviewers, some highlights:
Roberts: asked ethical question, like tell me about a situation you have been in that challeged your ethics.
Seligson: blunt, on the phone a lot according to many of the candidates, questions like "lets cut the crap, do you want to come here or what"
Johnson: very proud of his program, talked most the time during the interview. Not very talkative at the reception the evening before, hung out with the attendings.
Residents: benign questions

Overall, a wasted interview day....wish I hadn't driven as far as I had. I am sure there are others who felt the same way I did. I will not be ranking them, and hope things change next year for them.....
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:evilgrin: I am surprised that 17 years 4 months ago #2196

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:evilgrin: I am surprised that no one has replied to this post. I guess people were annoyed enough with Louisville that they don't even want to think about it. The thing you forgot to mention was the tour of the dental school.
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This is exactly why I 17 years 4 months ago #2229

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This is exactly why I didn't go to the interview. They offered ONE, on the same day two other places offered their ONE day (what crap, and if it isn't Scottish, its crrraaaapppp!) That leads me down another path, what kinda program thinks that much of its own program. I mean, they have to miss out some of the top applicants. Anyway, I digress.
Also, your hand experience at that place has got to be great. I mean, give me a break, I know they have a dedicated hand center, but like forty-nine hand fellows each year? Warning to all third years right now, make sure you know how many spots are going to be offered and how many people they interview before you go, ya gotta play the odds. Pea Stout - OSB
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I just wanted to thank 17 years 4 months ago #2231

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I just wanted to thank you for making me feel much better about having to turn down that interview. Now I don't feel like I missed out on anything!
Also, that kind of info will be very helpful for those poor souls going through this crap next year.
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Othodreamer, I wish I had turned 17 years 4 months ago #2309

  • gettobone
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I wish I had turned it down like you....wouldof save a LOT of time and hassel, and I coulda takin' a day off!

Future applicants- the one day interview thing is in my opinion a very bad way to interview....way too many applicants, and no way they even come close to looking at you hard unless you've done an away there or are from there.

Even if I were despirate and this was the only interview I got, I would pass it down if I had another chance of doing so.

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thought I would offer a 17 years 4 months ago #2362

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thought I would offer a different opinion:

first of all, as gettobone pointed out - Louisville is a great program.

secondly, although the interview day may not have been the most warm and fuzzy - I didn't think it was much different than my other interview experiences. The fact is that the programs have very little time to get to know you during an interview day - it helps to rotate at the place or have some connection (recommendation, family in the city, etc...) - this is not a suprise to anyone. Although not all of the programs point it out, the odds at Louisville are similar to other programs. Most have spots reserved for home people/rotaters and fill the rest with random interviewers. There were 2 of these spots at Louisville and twenty-something random interviewers - this is very similar to the other 10+ programs I interviewed at - it's usually about a 10 to 1 interview:acceptance.

As I look back at this whole process, I would like to remind all of the future applicants: take all of the "advice" on this forum with caution - realize that it is based on individual opinions. I would not cross any programs off of my list prematurely - try and see the big picture.

best of luck to all going through the match this year and for you future applicants - enjoy the process - it's truly a fun game to play.
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