Ortho Match Interview Schedule 2017-18

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Hey Guys,
Some of us have seen or heard of the Urology spreadsheet (docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mwIrY0GK...o/edit#gid=968553190), and its wonders in collectively sharing residency information and more importantly interview schedules. It has worked wonders for that group of surgeons for years, and continues to evolve.

We have created one for orthopedics this year, mainly to assist with live updating interview offers and any schedule changes that need to occur. Below is the link, feel free to update, share with your colleagues, and correct any information posted.

We also added some of the other features they had:
Chit-chat - to discuss pertinent application questions, you guys may have.
Yelp - To post perspectives on program

We hope that you guys keep a collaborative friendly spirit in mind, and this has the opportunity to make this interview season a little smoother than we have had in the past.

Good luck, Catch you guys on match day

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