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TOPIC: Apply early, interview late?

17 years 6 months ago #29117

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Heard that a good game plan is to send in your ERAS asap and then when offered interviews you should take the later dates for those programs you really want to go to. Theory is that when making out their rank lists you are fresh in their minds and have a better shot. I don't know if this makes a lot of sense because I would fear getting the gratuitous interview where they have already found people that are stellar and make a good fit and "let's head home because we caught our limit of fish" even though there are some d#&@ good fish left in the interview pool. Any veterans or pods seeing it from the other side have input?
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I'm a M4 too and 17 years 6 months ago #905

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I'm a M4 too and have no experience, but I was talking to a resident about this today and he made a good point that usually you don't have much of an option on interview dates anyway once you try to lay out all of your interviews and you may have 1 or 2 programs where you actually have the ability to choose whether to interview early or late. He made it sound like basically all your weekends will be filled in Dec/Jan (I guess I should say "hopefully" they will be filled. They did say it was an excellent idea to send the ERAS asap...
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If you are expecting your 17 years 6 months ago #912

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If you are expecting your interview process to be like that of you friends going into medicine, gen surg, or some other field, you can forget it. Basically, most places tell you when your interview is, take it or leave it. Some give you a choice of two and in rare cases three dates if you're lucky. Essentially, they know that if you can't make their date, there's about 200 other ortho hopefuls who would be glad to have. They hold the cards, and they know it.
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