Is it worth trying to apply ortho as foreign ortho surgeon?

3 years 1 week ago #38879 by klesa419
I am an orthopedic surgeon from Asia without a significant network here in the US, but with Green Card.STEP score 25*/26*, YOG 15, 6 PUBMED indexed publications, 20 publications in a foreign language.3 ortho LORs from faculties from home country, 1 US ortho LOR can be taken before September. Initially, I didn't consider apply for ortho cause I know it is too competitive for me. So, now I am focused more on FM and IM. And I have enthusiasm about primary care.However, recently some mentors recommend applying for ortho residency. According to my research of success story of IMG in applying ortho, all include a strong relationship with US ortho faculty at the level of PD. Since I don't have much work experience here and don't have a strong connection with ortho faculty, I am reluctant to go for it.Is it realistic to apply for ortho residency with this specification defying low probability?I know there is a way to become ortho faculty through 3 years of fellowship, but it has so much uncertainty in it. Thus, I want to try a residency match first.Please give any advice to make a wise decision about it.Thank you in advance.

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