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10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #31290 by kussaff
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I’m in need of some honest and realistic advice. My step 1 score turned out to be a 195, a major blow to my self esteem and my dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Now I'm sure 99% of you are saying "this guy is out of his mind if he thinks he's going match into ortho when there are so many more qualified applicants." I understand this viewpoint, but I cant honestly see myself doing anything but ortho.

Now before anyone pounces on me let me explain(not giving any excuses). I accept whats done is done. My last NBME score was a 237 before it all began. 2 weeks before my exam dateI found out that my fiancée was cheating on me and to make a long story short she refused to give back the ring I bought her. We had gone out for 6 years and got engaged 6 months prior.On top of that my dear grandmother who had practically raised me died 3 days before my exam.These unfortunate circumstances turned my world upside down and made me depressed. I delayed my 1st rotation and decided to take some time off. I tried to study but I did as much as I could and at the end of the 6 weeks took the step 1 hoping to start a new chapter in my life. When I got my score back I was crushed. I had accepted that there was no way ortho was in my future. I've done well on all of my 3rd year rotations and just finished up my surgery rotation. I absolutely loved it and its conjured up my dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. While most tell me to let this dream fade because of my score, others tell me to pursue my dream and pasion regardless.

I don’t know wat to think or do at this moment. I know there is no magic yes or no answer as to whether or not I will match, but any advice as to how to handle my situation would be welcomed. According to the NRMP Charting Outcomes data approximately 15 individuals applying within the range of 191-200 and of them 3-7 are accepted. I’m willing to do what it takes to match into ortho. I’ve made it known to my chairman that I’m very interested in ortho. I'm embarassed to tell him of my situation and even my horrid score.

Since m1 year I’ve met with him frequently and tried to scope out some research opportunities. So far I have 3 abstracts and working on a manuscript that I will be first author. I’ve shadowed several faculty and have gotten to know many of the residents thru this time. I’ve had only one summer of research experience working on a clinical research project that resulted in no publication. Rank wise I’m 3rd quartile, but working hard to make sure my 3rd year grades are all HP. I’m also preparing to start gunning for the Step 2.

I would be humbled at any advice/help you may offer.

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So it's certainly possible but the odds are against you. The stat that we cannot look at is where the people with those sub-200 board scores match. I I ahead to guess I would guess it was either at home programs or at programs that they rotated at almost certainly. You are not likely to get into a place on a blind interview because you are probably not going to get many if any blind interviews. I would say your best bet is to talk with your home program director , tell m your story, Ask for his honest opinion. If your program likes you then you could certainly be a match. I know that at my program we have accepted people who had below our average board scores because they rotated, had a crazy strong work ethic, and we could see ourselves working with them for 5 years. Good luck buddy and sorry for the hardships


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