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TOPIC: Need Advice- For a reapplicant with special circumstances

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Dear Dr. Levine and/or other attendings moderating this forum,

First a little about my story/stats:

I graduated from a top 15 US medical school in 2010.

Step 1: 191- I had an undiagnosed medical condition that severely affected my performance but since I barely passed I couldn’t retake it. I actually expected to get what I got on step 2/3.
Step 2: 233
Step 3: 231

No 3rd year clinical honors due to average shelfs but very good dean
letters due to outstanding clinical evaluations.

4th year: Honored 5 orthopedic rotations including 3 subis.

Volunteer: Built a free orthopedic and physical therapy clinic while in medical school. I did extensive work with the local free clinics in other areas as well.

The first time I applied I got 5 interviews but only 1 outside of the places I rotated. I had no research experience at the time. I did not match but I did get a prelim general surgery spot at my home institution. I reapplied that September but with no early ortho rotations, basically the same application, I didn’t get a single interview.

I decided to dedicate 2 years to research in which I discovered I really love research. A combination of amazing mentoring, great opportunities, and some unique computer skills, allowed me to first author 8 papers, co-author 3 more, (6 to CORR, Spine deformity, 1 JPO, 1 JBJS am, 1 JBJS br, 1 pediatric skeletal radiology), present at AAOS 2012, will present 1 paper and have a poster for another at AAOS 2013, presenting at AAP, and submitted 7 abstracts to POSNA. I now have much better letter of recs and “advocates”.

I realize that many schools just set a filter for step 1 which I won’t get through. I would also like to also do some rotations for the next 1-2 months.

My questions are:
1. What do you think my chances are?
2. Are there schools that I should focus on that don’t have the step 1 filter or may be better at overlooking the filter? I was going to start emailing program directors to at least look at my application but when is a good time to do this? Is it even useful?
3. Are there any residencies that have reputation for considering non-traditional applicants that I could potentially rotate at?
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Re: Need Advice- For a reapplicant with special circumstance 7 years 3 months ago #23207

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Feel free to email me to my email at [url=mailto]wnl1@columbia.edu[/url]


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