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TOPIC: Do I need Backup residency at this crucial moment

10 years 11 months ago #29415

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Step 1-230
Couple of Honors in 3rd year.
1 publication in a reknowned Spine journal
2 Presentations

I have been talking to a bunch of people and the first question I get asked is "Do you have a backup" -- and my answer is No. My only backup plan is to take a year off and do intensive ortho research and re-apply.
Dr Levine, is that a bad idea in comparison to scrambling for gen surg?

I really cannot see myself doing anything but Ortho. And this anxiety of possibly not matching is absolutely heartwrenching

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Back up plan 10 years 11 months ago #15586

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I used to be more bold in telling people to not have a back-up plan when they were very qualified but have had to change my tune over the last couple of years based on the increasingly competitive nature of Orthopaedic Surgery.

That being said, depending on the "other" factors (where you went to college, where you went to med school, extra-curriculars, etc...) you should be fine. However, I would certainly apply broadly (>40 programs for sure).

As for a back-up yes it's a good idea to be self-preservational - decide what you'd do if you don't in fact match and make sure you have an opportunity to do that specialty if possible. If you'd rather spend the year in the lab then that's an easier process typically.

Good luck ---

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any luck for me 10 years 11 months ago #15592

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Step 2 score 264
Step 1 Score 192
7 publications (Good reputation peer reviwed american journals)
7 under review
more than 10 presentations.
i am an IMG. ( Prior orhopedic experience)
Should i apply ???????
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