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TOPIC: Dear Attendings

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I dont know how many would agree , but most places I went for interview , the PD 's would make you feel like you are the best suitor or something and they will rank you high , and when you dont match in the end , makes the pain even more

What is the point behind this hypocrisy , only so that the candidate ranks them high ? I dont know ..may be they dont realize ,,they are in a position where there actions can make or hurt the poor candidates , some of them who would be very vulnerable . Of course cos I didnt match I must not be the best candidate , but why was I made to feel so ? why cant just have a straight demeanor ?
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it is all a game. 11 years 3 months ago #15231

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it is all a game. we are trying to get the best people and you guys are trying to get to the right place for you. you have to disconnect emotion from the equation. if we have taken the time to interview you, we are not going to tell you that you suck. that is just bad business. better luck next year.
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Interviews 11 years 3 months ago #15233

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Program Directors and Chairmen are not being disingenuous to this incredibly talented group of individuals on interview day. It is hard to imagine that any of you will not match (although of course the hard, cold truth is that some of you will unfortunately not match despite tremendous achievements).

If you were invited for an interview, rest assured that for most programs it is not usually a "courtesy" interview. There are just so many qualified individuals that if you make it to an interview you are one of a pretty select group. Unfortuantely, with the competition as it is extremely qualified people are not matching.

I have received numerous emails and phone calls following this year's match from candidates whose paper application would make one predict unquestionably that a match would be a "sure thing". As frustrating as it is to say, sometimes there is just no good explanation for why people do not match. Each of us needs to introspectively analyze the situation and make sure that there in fact is not a "fatal flaw" which may explain the failure to match. Assuming there is not (which typically there is not) then it becomes imperative to funnel your energy and enthusiasm and talents to matching next year.

I wish you good luck in this challenging time --

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Dear Attendings from a M1 11 years 2 months ago #15344

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Dear Attendings:

I am going to be a fist year medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine and i am very interested in orthopedic surgery. Besides of course being a great student with phenomenal grades (all Honors) what do orthopedic surgery residency directors look for in applicants and what are some things that i can do in medical school to further my chances of getting an orthopedic surgery residency? Thank you so much for taking your time to provide any help and assistance.
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