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I had a fantastic year as one of the sports medicine fellows at the University of Kentucky. 

While I was at the University of Kentucky there were 3 rotations each lasting for 4 months.  During those rotations I worked with Dr. Johnson, Dr. Maier, Dr. Lattermann and Dr. Ireland.  Each of the rotations had a specific focus.   Dr. Johnson's rotation is focused primarily on knee ligament reconstruction and meniscus preservation.   Dr. Maier’s rotation is focused on shoulder arthroscopy and reconstruction.  Dr. Lattermann’s and Ireland's rotation is focused on cartilage restoration, patellar stability, and general sports medicine.  The three rotations each offered different aspects of sports medicine that help the fellow feel comfortable and confident in becoming a well-rounded sports medicine physician.  The average weekly clinic visit load is about 100 patients.  I was able to see a large variety of shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle pathology and learn both the non-operative and operative management of these sports medicine injuries.   

The average weekly surgical case volume is anywhere between 5-16 depending on the rotation as well as the time of year.  During the year I assisted in over 370 surgical cases.  The cases that are shared below is a highlight, not a comprehensive list, of the cases that were performed.

The first 4 months of my training I was mentored by Dr. Darren Johnson.  During my 4 months I assisted with him 106 primary ACL reconstructions, 9 ACL revisions, 6 PCL reconstructions, 14 multi-ligamentous knee reconstructions, 6 labral repair surgeries, two Tommy John, and 4 ankle arthroscopies with 4 Brostrom repair.  We also performed over 60 all inside meniscus and inside out meniscus repairs as well as 3 meniscus transplants.  At the end of my rotation and felt comfortable and confident in performing ACL reconstructions with hamstring autograft, bone patellar tendon bone autograft, and allograft.  I felt comfortable in repairing vertical, horizontal, and parrot-beak tears of the menisci.  I also comfortable with PCL reconstruction and multi-ligamentous knee reconstructions.

The next 4 months I was with Dr. Mair.  We performed 36 rotator cuff repairs, 18 Bankart repairs, 5 posterior labral repairs, 3 SLAP repairs, 2 AC joint reconstructions, 1 open reduction of a posterior shoulder dislocation with McLaughlin procedure, and 3 ACL reconstructions.  With Dr. Lattermann and Dr. Ireland I assisted in 5 Osteochondral Allograft Transplantations, 2 meniscus transplantations, 18 tibia tubercle transfers, 13 MPFL reconstructions, 8 meniscus repairs, 5 high tibial osteotomies, 4 reverse total shoulders, 3 Laterjet and 6 OCD surgeries and 19 ACL reconstructions. 

The University of Kentucky also has a great research center with a dedicated research staff.  While there I helped author five book chapters as well as publish four papers. 

The year was an incredible year which went by too quickly.  The faculty at the University of Kentucky are amazing.  There was a great fit for me and hopefully it would be a great fit for you.

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University of Kentucky Sports Medicine Fellowship

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