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Wisconsin August 28, 2007 12905
(Updated: October 23, 2007)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Staff are in general great. All are well trained and at least two staff in each sub-specialty. Few demanding personalities, but that's everywhere. Most are friendly and enjoy teaching. Program director comes off a little harsh to most, but residents from the program really respect him.
Didactics / Teaching
High in quality, low in quantity. Conference twice weekly... Wednesday and Friday mornings. Not as much as I've seen elsewhere.
Operating Experience
Above average. Seniors pretty much have their own room on trauma... other services are similar. Plus, several rotations to work in the community. Seniors well-prepared for anything, most go on to fellowship. As one of two major academic institutions for the state, there are a fair number of interesting cases.
Clinic Experience
As good as clinic can be. The program is weighted towards operating, maybe 1 to 1.5 days of clinic a week.
Research Opportunities
Most are published, but not consistently big name journals or anything. Its available in any of the specialties, including some basic science stuff.
Very well rounded, agreable, group. Not a single sucker to be seen. Definitely one of the highlights of the program. More diverse than some programs. Most are married, but a few single ones in each class.
80 hours kind of problem, though its not advertised. Not sure if the program is in any trouble, but I've been told they work a LOT, especially second year-- it's "home call", but you're not likely to see your bed... and not likely to go home the next day until late.
Location / Housing
Milwaukee is a great place for residency...not too big where getting around is an issue, but there's plenty of interesting stuff to do with your spare time... Brewer's games, plenty of bars, concerts, shopping, skiing in winter, lake michigan in the summer. Housing is relatively cheap and Chicago and Madison are just an hour away.
the only limitations that I could percieve are the paucity of research experiences available and/or location. But, I am not really looking for a very research heavy program and I love outdoor activities so this place will rank highly.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
If the hours were a little more kind, it would be a perfect program. That said, it's only second year that's tough. Overall, a great place and one I will rank highly.


I am a medical student at this school.
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Fall, 2007
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