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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Wonderful faculty. Impressive on paper as well as in person. I didn't have a chance to meet the chairman personally, but people seemed to have a very high regard for them.
Didactics / Teaching
Top notch. We received an stats lesson that taught me more in 30 minutes than 3 months of EBM in med school. The grand rounds are televised with guest speakers from around the nation.
Operating Experience
One of the mantras that you'll hear over and over from the residents here is that 'no matter where you go, you'll come out all right'. Translation: the residents don't operate here. This was my experience as well. For comparison, I rotated at a community program after this, and the PGY-2's there were doing more in the OR than the chief residents at UW. The residents that I worked with were always double scrubbed behind the fellow. They kept saying that as the 5th year chief at harborview, you get to run the OR without a fellow. So I figure that puts you about 2 years behind other programs where the 3's are running the OR.
Clinic Experience
Wonderful. A good combination of both simple and extremely complex pathology. If harborview ER is included in clinic, then wonderful doesn't even begin to describe it. You see trauma there that you won't see anywhere else on a nightly basis.
Research Opportunities
There is no shortage of excellent research being done in pretty much all departments.
A mix. Most were chill. I met a couple of residents that thought they were more important than they were, but you'll probably find that anywhere.
Q3 at harborview 2nd year, and you never sleep on call. Other than that, it seems to be alright, with the 3rd-4th-5th years easing off on call.
Location / Housing
Seattle. It's not cheap, and the traffic is horrible. Living close the the university is next to impossible. But it's Seattle, which is awesome.
The GME office is difficult to work with, often will not return emails or calls, and is a major hindrance to getting paperwork approved for the multiple hospitals. <br />
Didactics are lacking, but the learning opportunities are there. You would become an excellent surgeon in this program, but may have trouble finding time to get solid OITE prep.<br />
The lifestyle is very tough, the hours worked are brutal and family life might suffer.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I have no doubt that going to UW would look great on paper, and certainly serve you well if you wanted to be the chairman of a department someday. You'll just be about 2 years behind your peers as far as operative experience. Personally, being adept in the OR is more important than being at a big name institution, so I'll be going elsewhere.


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Fall, 2010
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