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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Staff were great; very friendly and welcoming. Faculty were very approachable and always willing to teach. Everyone I encountered was very welcoming to medical students and proud to be at UVM.
Didactics / Teaching
This is a strong point of this program. There are daily didactic conferences (M-F) that are run by the senior residents. These could be intense, but the clear objective was learning and everyone embraced the process.
Operating Experience
I was impressed by the case volume here given that FAHC is less busy than many academic medical centers. Residents have plenty of operative work to do and most of the faculty are hands off. Seemed to be graduated responsibility for the juniors. Recon experience is lacking until chief year, BUT this is changing. Tumor is a combined rotation with Peds (Peds/Tumor attending on staff).
Clinic Experience
Clinic facilities are top notch. The OSC is fairly new and is very nice and modern. Residents seemed to skip clinic when there were cases going on, which seems pretty standard, but faculty taught a lot in clinic.
Research Opportunities
There are research blocks built into the curriculum but research is definitely not a focus of the program. Although I am not privy to all of the opportunities available, from what I observed there is plenty of work being done that residents can help with. My perception is that UVM is not a research powerhouse, but research is there if you're into that.
Another strong point of the program. All great guys and gal. Very cohesive group. Residents are together every morning for conference, clinics are all at the same location, and rotations are all at FAHC; all of these things bolster the cohesiveness of the group. All seemed to be very happy with their training and proud to be at UVM.
Seemed to be better than at many programs. Summer months can be tough as there is a formal anatomy course in July-August, but even with that residents all seemed to be balanced people. Location is very conducive to outdoor activities, and residents all seemed to take advantage of their surroundings. Many residents are married and some have families as well. Program seems to be very supportive (aka 'family friendly'), and residents also spent time together outside of work.
Location / Housing
Burlington is beautiful and sandwiched between the green mountains and lake champlain. Very picturesque. Many residents own their own homes/condos, although they do admit that it is a bit on the pricier side.
No glaring holes in training. I think the location could be limiting for some, but if you like more rural areas and outdoor lifestyles than this is a great place for you. Also, while not a research heavy program, residents get very impressive fellowships.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at UVM. Great program, great location, great group of residents. All were proud to be at UVM and this really came through as a strength of the program. Also really like the cohesiveness of the residents, and the willingness of all to teach medical students. Great place!


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