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(Updated: October 23, 2007)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
The staff and faculty are all excellent. Every sub specialty is well represented except for tumor, which they are currently recruiting I think. Many attendings are on a first name basis with residents and Dr. Nichols, the chairman, could not be more personalble and a better role model.
Didactics / Teaching
The residents and attending constantly teach in a very friendly and benign manner. There is a set didactic schedule that usually includes a lecture everyday at 6:30am and grandrounds monthly--given by faculty, a visiting professor, or occasionally by residents.
Operating Experience
The residents operate early and often. I've seen chief residents do a DHS skin to skin in less than 20 minutes multiple times. The juniors are also quite competent and start operating intern year. The trauma load is probably not up to par with some of the city programs but it is a level I trauma center and has a huge catchment area. The residents are comfertable working within the 80 work week.
Clinic Experience
It's been said before--clinic is clinic. They are currently building a new outpatient/research facility (should be done this year) I believe. Also, residents can make money on the side by staffing a ski clinic at a local ski resort.
Research Opportunities
UVM's claim to fame has been their work on ACL injury prevention, treatment, and rehab, which has won several prestigous awards. Also, UVM has one of the world's largest database on ski injuries and is an internationally acclaimed for this work. Residents get dedicated time for research and are required to complete at least one project. They are also NIH funded--top 20-30 or so.
The residents are all very friendly, laid back and get along great. Most the residents complete fellowships. The residents library, called the "bone room" is where didactics take place and where the residents hang out between cases--it's got a big conference table, leather chairs, lockers, books, computers, and two big screen TVs. All the residents are male at the moment but they have had several female grads in the past. Most, but not all, the residents are married but are also fairly young, active, and fun to be around.
For the outdoor enthusiast you can't beat it. There's not too many residencies where you can operate all day and then ride you bike to sweet mountain biking trails, kayak or sail on a fantastic lake, and be less than an hour away from half a dozen world class ski resorts. Burlington, has a cool downtown with a pedestrian mall full of bars and restaurants. Also, Montreal is 1.5 hours away and Boston 3.5. Housing is way cheaper than a bigger city but probably a little more expensive than the midwest. It's a very family friendly place but also good for singles who prefer pubs to clubs.
Location / Housing
Either a huge positive or negative depending on what you like to do. Burlington, VT is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived. It's sandwiched between the green mountains and the adirondacks and is located on a hill over looking the enormous lake champlain. It's often been called the Boulder, CO of the East and has been ranked by outdoor magazine as a top outdoor town mutliple times. Spring, Summer, and Fall are all beautiful with Winter being on the cold side with a bunch of snow (great for skiing!)
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
My experience as a sub-I at UVM was top notch. The residents, faculty, and staff are all superb--without exception. I will definitely rank this place highly if not #1. I would absolutely recommend checking it out.


I rotated as a medical student at this program
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