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This is without a doubt one of our greatest strengths as a program and one I would hold up to any program in the nation. I started to see a pattern during my away rotations, that residents tend to emulate their staff. Invariably, if you go to a program with attending surgeons who are screamers or are otherwise malignant, it would be foolish to think that you yourself would not to some extent adopt some of the same tendencies. In like manner, a program with morally upstanding attendings will also shed their disposition on you during your training. I was not interested in going to a program where I became a great surgeon but a lesser man. The staff at Scott and White, in addition to being technically great surgeons, are wonderful people. They are all involved in the community and their churches. They are generous. They demand a moral excellence from their residents. They are the kind of people I hope to emulate professionally and personally. Until recently all but one of our staff did residency at Scott and White which results in a deep staff level investment in the program
Didactics / Teaching
Different residencies do this in different ways. One thing that I did not expect is the connection between how a residency does its didactics and the effect that has on the comradery of the residency. We have a dedicated protected hour from 7 am to 8 am where all the residents meet in one location. Prior to didactics we have rounded on our patients and prepared for the day, then at 6:30 the whole group descends to the cafeteria for breakfast tacos. Monday is fracture conference with our ~4 attending staff, Tuesday and Wednesday is a Resident Directed review of a curriculum that covers all topics, geared strongly toward the OITE. Thursday is Grand rounds. Friday is Anatomy dissections. Our didactics are as good as didactics could be. As an equally important second effect, you will not find a closer group of residents, Pgy1 through 5’s.
Operating Experience
Again, I would put our experience against anyone’s. We operate early, and that operative exposure increases exponentially as you go through the residency. One thing to look at when evaluating operative experience is how soon you graduate from primary call to operative call. Call, while super important in its own right in orthopedic development, is also pretty disruptive to rotations and the continuity of the operative experiences. Ill talk about our call later but we finish the bulk of our primary call in the second year which leaves the remainder of residency more or less untouched for focusing on your operative skills. 3rd, and 4th year are great, 5th year is exceptional with our chief trauma and VA experience.
Clinic Experience
I think the quality of the clinical experience is linked to both the quality of the staff and the catchment area of the hospital. Scott and white draws from all of central Texas. We have a dedicated pediatric hospital. We have a busy sarcoma service and we hit our pediatric number requirements in our 3rd year (both being areas other residencies struggle with). We are sent to Houston as PGY4s for 3 months for a pediatric rotation at the Shriners hospital (where I currently am). This rotation is not out of obligation as I met my required Pedi numbers early 3rd year, it is to give you exposure to the rare entities in orthopedics.
Research Opportunities
This is an area of weakness. Don’t get me wrong, we have residents that leave having published 10+ papers. We all publish. We are provided 4 dedicated months to research. We have research assistants assigned to the department that are helpful as well as dedicated funding. Larger research heavy programs, however, are plug and play when it comes to research, making it very easy to move along the IRB and manuscript process. Unfortunately, that is not Scott and White.
I think it is important to clarify a few things though. Research in residency is important because I think many view it as a surrogate marker for a programs capacity to place into competitive fellowships. With regards to fellowship placement, Scott and White has always done exceptionally well. Our staff have always been eager to make calls. Additionally, I believe there is some added benefit in demonstrating to prospective fellowships your capacity to see a project from inception to publication. It shows a certain level of grit and provides a full view of the process. If your residency research aspirations are a complete research experience and ultimate fellowship placement, our program satisfies that easily

You won’t find a closer group. I consider them a type of family. We take care of each other. Most weeks we get together in some fashion, either a weekend get together or after work “book clubs”. In contrast to the last post, in the past couple years there been 3 female residents, and a slew of single residents. While the majority are married with kids, we are all very close. Every residency says they have unmatched comradery. Come rotate with us and youll see what I mean.
Residency is busy. It has to be busy. I am convinced that you cannot become a competent orthopedic surgeon without really immersing yourself for a time in your training. Our call is hyperconcentrated into the 2nd year where you are essentially on Q4 primary call the whole year. 3rd year you take one night of primary call a month and the remainder of your call is back up or operative. 4th year is 2 nights a month of operative call. 5th year is roughly Q5 operative call with 1 weekend a month of operative call. This call schedule makes second year really hard but also a really crucial year of growth. You work hard the remainder of residency but the lifestyle improves from 3rd year on.
Location / Housing
I own a 1500 sq ft home on almost half an acre. My mortgage is half what I paid in rent for a 600 sq ft apartment in med school . It takes me 10 minutes to get to work and I don’t pay for parking. There is no traffic. We live in a quiet neighborhood surrounded neighbors we know well. The schools for our kids are really good. There is a spousal support network that is unbelievable. Temple is right next to lake Belton, an incredible lake for water sports. We are less than an hour from Austin. We are 2.5 hours from Houston and Dallas. We are right next to hill country which has some of the most beautiful land in Texas.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I have loved my residency experience and would not change it. If you are considering us, we love rotators. Also if your rotating schedule doesn’t line up with ours, you can come for any 4 weeks block that works for you (I think there has been confusion about this). Feel free to contact me with any questions


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