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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
First off, his review is based off an interview day, so far less reliable than if it were from a current resident or a rotator, but no other reviews have been done so this hopefully help future med students decide if they should apply and help me in ranking my programs. Chairman seems very approachable, has worked hard to diversify resident experience, has high ambitions for the program and department that is expanding, and appears to be the type of leader I would hope for in a program. Its hard to really evaluate faculty based on 15 minute interviews - no major complaints from current residents and high accolades for some of them. No hint of malignancy.
Didactics / Teaching
As much as a required reading program can be painful (weekly quizzes etc) I think it would keep me on track to read daily, and the fact that it is mostly yellow book journal review articles means the residents are keeping very up to date. There is also OITE review for the months preceding the test that is incorperated into weekly afternoon/evening conference, and from the residents sounds like it is adequate.
Operating Experience
Early operative experience probably as good as it gets. Level 1 trauma center, but not a trauma heavy program, minimal multitrauma. With trauma attending allowing resident operative experience I think they get enough experience to deal with most things in the community. Culture of Upper level residents teaching and letting interns - R3's operate. Instead of VA or county hospital, residents take care of prison population and get lots of sports/general ortho experience. Diversity of experiences from academic to private practice, MD Anderson, Texas Orthopaedic Hospital, R4-5's rotate with some big names in Houston that helps with fellowship application.
Clinic Experience
See operative experience, not much to add. Have nice outpatient clinic (4 years old) about 20 minutes from galveston. Use EPIC system which I like.
Research Opportunities
Opportunities are there - they have a biomechanics lab and I interviewed with two research staff who seemed like good people to work with. The chairman seems very supportive of research, but its not pushed down your throat if its not your thing. 2 required research projects, no research rotations, but my impression is that because its not a trauma heavy program residents may have more time to work on research during a lot of rotation than at other programs.
Good group of people as is standard for ortho. Diverse, mix of personalities, probably tend to be more on the laid back side of the spectrum. Shockingly, some didn't know what the league was, but definetly a group that seems like that can have a good time both at work and outside of work.
Great, residents make their own schedule so usually get two weekends a month on call Fri/Sun or Sat and then two weekends off a month. Trauma call at Galveston about every 5th night for R2's (but can be taken from home if live close which its seems many do). I believe R3's have call similar frequency off island which is more chill, R4-5's take home call and just come in to operate. No complaints about intern year, 3 months on ortho services where get to operate a lot, many of the other rotations (SICU) don't seem bad. I think everyone gets 3 vacation weeks/year.
Location / Housing
I like Galveston because I'm more of an outdoor than city person - it has some nice beaches for running with a dog, kiteboarding, apparently even some surfing, good kayaking, fishing etc. Warm throughout the year, breeze off gulf makes summers better than in Houston. Town has variety of restaurants, lots of sea food, mexican. Variety of housing options, many start off living in student area near campus, then buy (relatively inexpensive) farther west down the island, or rent on mainland. Newer lofts on the strand (cultural center of island),suburbs outside Houston with good school districts, Houston also options.
Biggest limitation might be amount of driving/number of locations. Intern year is all Galveston, R2-3 mostly Galveston but some rotations in Houston (about 1 hour) or in between, R4-5 probably at least 50% near Houston. Residents tend to move off island and closer to Houston as they progress, but not a rule. According to residents, all the rotations in Houston are worth the drive, ones that weren't are terminated.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Graduating residents match at some great programs - pipelines to SCOI for sports, Scripps in LaJolla for reconstruction. Stable leadership, program going in the right direction, excellent operative experience in variety of settings, not trauma heavy with time and facilities for research, and I like the location and could put up the driving - I would be very happy to match here.


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