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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
The faculty at Scott and White are great. They are all very friendly and supportive, they love to teach, and all of them are very competent. There are multiple surgeons in every subspecialty.
Didactics / Teaching
The conferences are one of the best assets of the program. All the residents do very well on their in-training exams. Conference is every morning from 7-8 and at least one faculty member is present or presents at almost every conference. Every other Friday, conference is in the anatomy lab and the 3rd years present a dissection. I think these are very valuable to the residents.
Operating Experience
You will be one on one with a faculty member in almost every case. There are no fellows to steal cases from you. The joints experience is probably one of the best rotations, especially with Dr. Kirby Hitt, one of the leading joint surgeons in the country. There are plenty of elective cases to go around for everyone since Scott and White is mainly a private hospital. There is a great balance between supervision and autonomy.
Clinic Experience
You will be working with a faculty member in every clinic. All the faculty have very close relationships with their patients and are very involved in their care. This is good in the sense that you learn how to do things the right way, but some of the autonomy is sacrificed.
Research Opportunities
This institution is by no means a research power house, but Scott and White is currently making a huge effort to increase research productivity. You will have 4 entire research dedicated months, 1 during your intern year, and 3 during your third year.
First of all, their are zero female residents and there never has been one. Most of the residents are good old boys from Texas that work hard and know how to have a good time. Everybody is incredibly supportive of each other. The majority of the residents are married and have families.
Overall, the lifestyle is very good. The only bad year is second year, when you will take q4 call the entire year. Third years take 2 primary calls per month. After that, there is no primary call. On your elective rotations like sports, hand, and foot and ankle, the outpatient surgery center is incredibly efficient so you will do about 8-10 cases before 3pm then go home.
Location / Housing
Temple is a growing small size city in central Texas. Its one hour from Austin and two hours from Dallas. The housing is extremely cheap. Every resident owns a house, and many of them own very nice houses. Lake Belton is 10 minutes from the hospital, and wakeboarding is a very popular activity among the residents.
The only major limitation is the location. If you or your wife likes the big city life, Temple is not the place for you. The trauma volume may be considered another limitation, but it seems like the volume is increasing.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Great. I would call it the most well-rounded program in Texas.


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