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by John Langland     August 28, 2007    
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Definitely some TROLLs here...perhaps the residents over-rating this program.

The PD is a very nice guy and very approachable. He's peds Ortho I believe. The chair is in interim with the old one leaving. Iannotti is somewhat involved with the residents.. however I heard one of the residents say that He doesn't let them do much and that even as PGY3+ they simply shadow in his clinic/OR. Faculty are hit or miss. TONS of FELLOWs, but expected.
Didactics / Teaching
Didactics are on Tuesday mornings and the residents are excused from clinic/OR for it. I did hear that one of the residents FAILED USMLE Step 3 and that another PGY 5 FAILED their BOARDS... Not sure if this was resident or the program but reflects poorly on both.
Operating Experience
NO Trauma... probably the Least of ANY program in the country. There is no way few short rotations as a junior are going to be sufficient. Joints was their strong service but Fellows do still take cases... that's the point of fellowship right? There seemed to be some institution regulations for running multiple rooms and that it was becoming more difficult for attendings to do so...I would be concerned because this will significantly impact resident OR experience...seemed to be happening already since residents were with Fellow or Attending as second assistant even as Chiefs. Volume is hit or miss... some days are long others we were done by noon... since there is no trauma seemed to be just attending dependent. NEVER saw a Chief or resident operating alone except maybe closing. VIP patients also punt residents it seemed like.

Seemed like every resident needed to do a fellowship here.
Clinic Experience
Quite some driving to all the satellite locations for clinic.
Research Opportunities
Plenty of research but also had a lot of research fellows. Seemed to be no pressure to publish and some residents did very little and others did more.
Some MEAN residents who just wanted to not teach. Seemed to be mostly from the Midwest. Some residents also came unprepared to the OR... attending pimped one of them and they had no idea what surgery we were doing? or any of the patient history. Reflects very poorly on the program as a whole and the atmosphere may be too chill.
Very Good. Nothing seemed too hectic except maybe joints. Most other services you get done by mid to late afternoon. Call was chill with annoying ER consults for sprains. No real experience to general ortho.. maybe due to the nature of a tertiary center.
Location / Housing
They really put the hospital in the worst part of the city, surrounded by abandoned housing. I could only image how gloomy it must be in the winter.
Operative experience, resident education, resident cohesiveness, city of Cleveland, and experience to general Ortho all seem to be HUGE weaknesses of this program.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I would say Average program at best. Every program has strengths and weaknesses, but this one has some real limitations. I think a resident failing the boards really says something. They do have great joints and sports rotations but other specialties seem lacking. I heard a resident complaining about how they were second class citizens and how (Mroz) the director of spine treated the neurosurg residents preferentially in the rotation.


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